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Roasted Barley (450°L) - substitution

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Examples and substitutes:
Name Supplier Country Color, °L
Debittered Black Malt Dingemans Belgium 406.6
De-Husked Caraf II None Germany 418.0
Chocolate Malt Thomas Fawcett United Kingdom 420.0
Dark Chocolate Malt Briess United States 420.0
Best Black Malt Bestmalz Germany 425.0
Carafa Special Type II Weyermann Germany 425.0
Dehusked Carafa II Malt Weyermann Germany 425.0
Malta Negra Tostada Intermalta Spain 425.0
Château Roasted Barley Castle Malting Belgium 432.0
Roasted Barley Weyermann Germany 432.0
Chocolate Malt Simpsons United Kingdom 444.0
Roasted Barley Red shed Canada 445.0
Chocolate Malt Crisp Malting United Kingdom 450.0
Dark Chocolate Crisp Malting United Kingdom 450.0
Black Bird Red shed Canada 450.0
De-Husked Caraf III None Germany 470.0
Pale Roasted Barley Proximity United States 475.0
Roasted Barley Proximity United States 475.0
Roasted Barley Joe White Australia 475.0
Beer Recipes with Roasted Barley (450°L):
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