Our 13 Principles:

1. The project was created primarily to support our own homebrewing process, and is being finalized to fit real needs
2. There are no professional brewers here, only amateurs
3. Commercial brewers brew how they want. The styles and names on the label may have nothing to do with the generally accepted styles. Let's not interfere with them
4. Styles of beer - the concept is rather vague, but you can start from the world's generally accepted practice. Compiling BJCP styles is fine
5. Take care of the brewers. They are dying out all over the world under the powerful pressure of a healthy lifestyle and excise taxes
6. In a clone recipe, the associated parameters (Gravity, ABV) may not match the manufacturer's specifications. Don't worry, it's just commercial magic
7. Under the pretext of the need to taste samples of beer, there is an ordinary human desire to taste a new kind of beer
8. Own subjective assessment of the samples is given from the position of the consumer, and the home brewer
9. The choice of project languages was not made by chance and carries a sacred meaning, without the need to explain anything
10. The translation of terms, the name of styles, proper names and common nouns was carried out as God put it on the soul. The names of commercial samples of beer and Breweries are not translated, because they often do not make sense even for natives
11. Focus on Breweries and geographic locations rather than trademarks or legal addresses. Geography determines the components, mentality and, as a result, the character of beer
12. No industrial espionage or breach of trade secrets
13. A categorical No to author's and unverified amateur recipes

Kind Regards,
Your Pastor

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