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Examples and substitutes:
Name Supplier Country Color, °L
Malta Carabe 60 Intermalta Spain 27.0
Crisp Amber Malt Simpsons United Kingdom 27.0
Best Melanoidin Bestmalz Germany 27.0
Melany The Swaen Netherlands 27.0
Red Ale Malt Viking Finland 27.0
Amber Malt Crisp Malting United Kingdom 28.0
Victory Malt Briess United States 28.0
Меланоидиновый солод Приволжская мельница Russian Federation 28.0
Aurora Malt Gladfield New Zealand 29.0
Blackswaen Biscuit The Swaen Netherlands 30.0
Dark Munich Malt 30L Briess United States 30.0
Munich Dark Gambrinus Canada 30.0
Château Melano Castle Malting Belgium 31.0
Red Back Malt Gladfield New Zealand 33.0
Copeland Munich LINC Malt United States 35.0
Beer Recipes with Victory 28L:
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