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Biscuit 25L - substitution

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Examples and substitutes:
Name Supplier Country Color, °L
Aromatic Malt Simpsons United Kingdom 23.0
Mela Malt Great Western United States 23.0
Miserable Fish – Malt Mélanoïdin Les Maltiers France 23.0
Biscuit Malt Dingemans Belgium 23.4
Melanoidin Malt Riverbend Malt United States 24.0
American Honey Malt Briess United States 25.0
Honey Malt Gambrinus Canada 25.0
Honey Malt Briess United States 25.0
Melanoidina BA Malt 25.0
Brownfield 25 Munich Blacklands United States 25.0
Biscuit Malt Gladfield New Zealand 30.0
Beer Recipes with Biscuit 25L:
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