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Examples and substitutes:
Name Supplier Country Color, °L
Colorado Honey Malt Viking Finland 6.0
Munich Malt Canada Malting Canada 11.0
Best Munich Dark Bestmalz Germany 11.0
Malta Munich Intermalta Spain 12.0
Best Red X Bestmalz Germany 12.0
Patagonia Munich Patagonia Chile 12.0
Munich Dark Avangard Germany 12.0
Red X None 12.0
Château Munich Castle Malting Belgium 13.0
Dark Ale Malt Viking Finland 14.0
Biscuit Voyager Craft Malt Australia 15.0
Brownfield 15 Munich Blacklands United States 15.0
Abbey Malt Weyermann Germany 17.0
Amber Castle Malting Belgium 17.0
Château Biscuit Castle Malting Belgium 17.0
Kiln Amber (Biscuit) Franco-Belges Belgium 17.0
Miserable Fish (Melanoidin Malt) Pauls Malt United Kingdom 17.0
Biscuit Malt Red shed Canada 18.0
Lyon Munich LINC Malt United States 18.0
Dark Munich Crisp Malting United Kingdom 19.0
Aromatic Munich Malt 20L Briess United States 20.0
Best Biscuit Bestmalz Germany 20.0
Admiral's Hearth Admiral United States 20.0
Aromatic Malt Castle Malting Belgium 20.0
Biscuit BA Malt 20.0
Biscuit Roasted 20 Proximity United States 20.0
Amber Joe White Australia 20.0
Ny Aromatic 20 1886 Malt House United States 20.0
CaraRed Malt Weyermann Germany 20.0
Dark Munich Great Western United States 20.0
Best Melanoidin Light Bestmalz Germany 20.0
Aromatic Malt Pauls Malt United Kingdom 20.0
Sm40 Schooner Voyager Craft Malt Australia 20.0
Odyssey Munich Root Shoot Malting United States 20.0
Double Dutch Deer Creek United States 20.0
Munich Sekado Germany 20.0
Munich Dark 20L None 20.0
Tourambre Soufflet Russian Federation 20.0
Amber Malt Simpsons United Kingdom 21.0
Amber Malt Muntons United Kingdom 22.0
Beer Recipes with Aromatic 20L:
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