Beer garden

Janet | Sept. 7, 2021, 3:13 p.m.

You get great tasting beers, I don't need to talk about that just yet. We will take it up to the next level now by having a beer garden!

And I have been enjoying the success of hosting beer gardens at my own businesses for a rather long time. They are the best way to sell beers outside and to get that special event feel. Once again I have decided to go the extra distance to make a special event space for the events at our new brewery.

I am really excited to hear all your thoughts and comments about the event we are planning for January 25. Give me your opinion and ideas in the comment section below or if you do not have any comments please don't hesitate. We will get together and come up with something for everyone to enjoy.


Discussion not started yet, but you can raise a request to start it in Telegram @W2Brew

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