How to fix problem with chia plots

Pastor | Aug. 30, 2021, 1:04 p.m.

Hello traveler, 

If you go for a "green" blockchain technology you definitely familiar with Chia. From the Creator of Torrent, to farm chia coins you need no GPU/TPU but only storage plots allocated on you HDD or Cloud storages. Check official site if interested.

Here I`d like to share with you the way how to fix a problem with chia plots. This problem can occur if you quick close Chia mainnet session, e.g. hard-reset your PC.

In that case, after restarting the Chia farming client you can miss all your Chia plots. Only circle that can roll forever. 

Fortunately, it`s easy to fix quick.

All you need is to find config folder on your local hard drive, usually it`s something like


There will be 2 config files, Config.yaml and Config_bak.yaml.

Before manipulation with config files it`s a good option to copy them to different location, and hold it as backup if something go wrong )

Open the Config.yaml and press the Ctrl+F to search the Null words in the next two sections:

xch_target_address: null

All you need is to replace Null with your wallet address. Just copy your wallet address from the Chia client as shown below

Save the Config.yaml and restart the Chia client. All your chia plots now should be at place and visible again.

If this post help you to fix the problem with disappeared chia plots you can send me a humble amount of chia coin to my wallet:


See ya )

P.S. The Config_bak.yaml is just an automatically created backup version of the Config.yaml file, so we don`t need to replace the Null in Config_bak.yaml

P.S.S. This problem with missed chia plots can occur several times if you wouldn't proper close the Chia client, so you can fix it over and over again as described here


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