How to fix Chia won`t restart after PC reboot

Pastor | Sept. 1, 2022, 5:23 p.m.

Hello, if you would like to know how to fix Chia if it not starts after the PC crash or reboot - I can help you. That did twice to me and I can`t find strict answer how to fix Chia.

What happened? PC crashed and after reboot Chia won`t start. You can find Chia in Task Manager as one to three processes with 0% CPU, and that's all. No response, no action, Chia not working.

First time I tried to reinstall Chia, with no result. Googled some info that the case could be the database corruption due to improperly closed Chia by PC crash. So, I deleted the whole db folder in C:\Users\your_acc_name\.chia\mainnet\db and reinstall the Chia. That helped. Backward for this action was 5 days waiting till the db will be fully downloaded via Chia App.

So, when the next time glitchy Chia fall again, I try to find more elegant solution and I found it.

As the result of the improperly closed Chia can be bad values in config file. So all you need to do is to kill first in Task manager all active Chia processes, find config.yaml file in C:\Users\your_acc_name\.chia\mainnet\config folder and rename it. Then start the Chia again. The new config.yaml file should be created with all your information, like wallet, addresses, etc.

It works for me, I have only to update the Chia for my active directories with plots and wait to sync.

My XCH wallet to say thank you: 


Good luck


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