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Janet | 10. August 2021 16:15

You may have a bad experience with a beer once or twice after it has been opened. Most of these are minor issues and could easily be resolved with the proper care and attention.

However, some people will find that their beer tastes like a new brewery and they may even return to the same brewery. The reason for this is that if you open it for a few days and then wait several days, the yeast and bacteria will have time to grow and get into the beer, and will be very difficult to get out. In these cases, it is best to simply put the beer in a cool place and let it sit a few days before serving it. If you want to have it served right away, simply store the beer in a cool place and the yeast will be gone long before the beer is actually consumed.

Many people also believe that if they drink a beer that they purchased at a gas station or convenience store, they will become addicted to the beer and will want to drink more.

 In this case, it is best to avoid these types of stores. Even if you buy a beer from a gas station that you like, it is best to return it to the store if it is a bad batch. You know the store where you bought it. If you were to go to the store and buy a couple of beers and try them, the stores can be blamed for the bad batch.


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