Some beer examples

Janet | 7. September 2021 15:05

Oskar Blues – "A very dark and very hoppy beer."

Russian River Brewing – "A dark, juicy IPA."

Perennial Artisan Ales – "A good representation of traditional Belgian ale style beer. A nice strong ale. Great dry finish."

Prairie Artisan Ales – "Our Belgian Triple IPA is a classic heavy, dry-hopped example of light, fruity Belgian styles. Clean, crisp, and incredibly refreshing. Very refreshing."

Red Hook Summer – "An East Coast pale ale with added notes of banana, clove, and caramel malts and with the touch of American Cascade hops. The IPA is malty but balanced, featuring notes of caramel and blackberry. It's a very refreshing and delicious beer."

Recovery (Hefeweizen) – Made with German wheat and wheat/barley malt, this wheat wine fermented with ale yeast. "Recovery is a yeast/beer hybrid, a farmhouse ale fermented with the noble yeasts Saccharomyces spp. and Pediococcus spp. and bottled in a wooden, cask and cask-conditioned bottle and aged with barrels of wildflower honey, honey, and sugarsyrup to emulate the natural sweetness and natural qualities of wild yeasts." – Edmund.

Sun King (Lager) – "Sun King loves to keep it simple, so the Pale Lager was paired with a simple tart lemonade soda in honor of 'Sun King Day'. A mild finish with a very subtle mix of coriander and a clean herbal edge."

Uncommon Dead (Pale Ale) – If you've ever attended a 4-day festival for the Experimental Beer Festival, you've tasted this "extreme" sour pale ale, which was fermented and then aged for twelve months in oak barrels with wild yeasts from the brewers' barn. "Unique twist on a familiar style. Some notes of figs, red wine and brown sugar make this a unique brew that isn't for everyone but is an excellent way to kick your day off."

Uinta Brewing – "An American pale ale dry-hopped with the citrusy, grassy Centennial hops from Colorado. This IPA's aromas include grapefruit, peach, pineapple and a crisp anddry hop finish."

Victory Brewing – "Victory is a good example of what a great IPA can be.


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