Brew as a hobby

Janet | 7. September 2021 15:08

We are in a way in line with the current status quo, since the current status quo is unsustainable. If we are not, then some form of sustainability is called for with that very concept in mind. By taking the first step in helping to create something with a solid, long-term purpose it just makes you feel good and like you are contributing to a wonderful cause. For this reason all good homebrewers will agree that home-brewing is a "hobby-brew," even though there is only a small group of people who do this as a hobby, it is not sustainable, and with that concept in mind we can help to bring something to that concept as a viable option.

Where do people fall on the spectrum when it comes to deciding if they need to work full-time and live off of their hobby?

It is a pretty clear-cut decision with which most people agree. For most people the hobby means just "making good beer." As such there would only be a few people who would decide to work out of the brewery for some time. It would also make no difference if that person is still making beer but in some other location. A few exceptions could include a person wanting to brew professionally, a professional brewer in need of some extra help or advice, or if of course someone wants to work out of the brewery long term, but mostly

 it would be a few in each of those groups. However, the fact remains that taking a job in the industry is hardly sustainable. Only a handful of people are able to make a living without a paycheck. Even those with jobs come at great expense.

In contrast, even those few people who feel the need to stay with beer but would not want to go to a job within the industry would still be willing to jump at the chance to start their own brewery. If they were the kind of people who felt that the best thing for the beer they were producing was to brew it themselves, they would be totally willing to make themselves more comfortable. Some people work out of the brewery for several months on and off and then are ready to shift into more permanent employment, but the idea that you can build a brewery or brewery systems when you are just starting out and still keeping some income while doing it is not realistic.

While it may be a great idea for others to start breweries, it is just not realistic for those of us who would like to remain self-employed. 


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