Janet | 10 августа 2021 г. 15:57

Guess nowadays the "craft" thing is a bit of a misnomer. Many of these guys don't have the budget for a big-box brewing company and for the most part they don't even have a big brewery. They're brewing their own beer or collaborating on brews with other brewers. It's still a huge leap from a homebrew kit into a commercial-scale facility.

So the point is that the brewing community is increasingly embracing the idea that the consumer has a lot of power in the brewing process. It's in their interest as consumers to get involved in the process.

The problem is that many craft brewers are afraid of that power. This is because many craft beer drinkers are actually pretty smart and savvy. They're used to having their interests at the forefront of everything they buy from the grocery store. And that's why a lot of craft brewers are hesitant to let the consumer in on the process. It's much easier to let the consumer choose what they get, but they don't always want what they see in the store.

That's why craft brewers are so eager to let the consumer in on what they're doing. It lets them make the decisions for their business. In the long run, this can help them grow.


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