English style IPA

Janet | 7 сентября 2021 г. 15:16

In London, and after many months of planning my first beer was brewed. As a result the beer could only be described as nothing more than a strong, bitter, English style IPA

For me at least having a go at doing this was very exciting. I looked around at all the 'hop hops' out there, thinking this may be the one that will turn me into a hop lover, thinking I'm not very creative with my hops, when in fact it was a whole other kettle of hops.

A new world had appeared, one where each ingredient was unique and just awesome! I started to brew some varieties, it seemed a good idea to take this new hop world and see what happens. With lots of planning and preparation now a new style of beer has been born, made by one man who has set out to impress and please with his hop choices. Whilst this has been an early entry into the genre, as he says,

this project is just the start of what we aim to build.

What can we expect when it hits the taps?

This beer's style has never been seen before, it is a traditional British IPA which is made with a double dry hop and a light addition of Warrior. The malts do not come from anything we would describe as traditional British, our malts include four different whole and two two-row pale malts. This gives the beer that distinctive Bitter English style and a mouthfeel that is light and watery, without making it too thin, all while remaining full bodied. It is brewed with a lot of crystal hops and the result is a beer which is incredibly easy to drink. It's quite light (almost 2 vol), which leaves you thirsty in the evening and on the train, but at the same time leaves it refreshing in the morning as you're on your way to work.

Brought to us by Kent Aleworks, a truly brilliant business that has a huge following of craft beer enthusiasts. All at Kent Aleworks will have a go at brewing the beer, so come and try it, whether you are a craft beer enthusiast, a seasoned brewer or are simply looking for some of the world's best craft beer, with a well crafted British style (hop hop) beer.


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