American Stout (Basic recipe)


Impresja Receptury

A fairly strong, highly roasted, bitter, hoppy dark stout. The body and dark flavors typical of stouts with a more aggressive American hop character and bitterness.

This recipe inspired by Sierra Nevada American Stout, btw

Related Style: Stout amerykański

Wielkość partii: 19 L // Metoda parzenia: Wszystkie Ziarna // Recipe complex rating: Advanced

Target Statistics
OG, P OG, sg FG, P FG, sg ABV, % Gorzka Kolor, SRM
16.0 1.065 5.0 1.019 6.3 60 Czarny, nieprzezroczysty (40+)
Grain % in bulk Size, kg
Pale Ale 62,0 4,30
Słód monachijski 22,0 1,53
Caramel 60L 7,0 0,49
Black Barley (500°L) 9,0 0,62
Chmiel α, % Size, g AAU Add Boil, min
German Bittering Hops 11,2 25 10 Start 90
American Dual Use Hops 8,1 25 7 End 15
American Aroma Hops 4,6 50 8 End 0
Dodatki Size, g


Drożdże Packs
American Ales yeasts 1

Opis przepisu

Main rest at 68C for 70 min

Mash out at 76C for 10 min

Boil for 90 min to better remove DMS

Ferment at 18C until FG is reached

Carbonation after of 2.5 vol of CO2

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2 czerwca 2023 20:56

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