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Grape Ale (basic recipe)


Impresja Receptury

Originally a local Italian style that subsequently inspired brewers in grape-growing regions worldwide to produce versions showcasing local varietals.

Combines the profile of a sparkling wine and a relatively neutral base beer allowing the aromatic qualities of the grape to blend pleasantly with hop and yeast aromatics. Can be in a range from refreshing to complex.

OG: 1.059 – 1.075

FG: 1.004 – 1.013

ABV: 6.0 – 8.5%

SRM: 4 – 8 

IBUs: 10 – 30 

Related Style: Piwo winogronowe

Wielkość partii: 0 L // Metoda parzenia: Wszystkie Ziarna // Recipe complex rating: ???

Target Statistics
OG, P OG, sg FG, P FG, sg ABV, % Gorzka Kolor, SRM
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Grain % in bulk Size, kg


Chmiel α, % Size, g AAU Add Boil, min


Dodatki Size, g


Drożdże Packs


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