Munich Helles (Basic recipe)



A gold-colored German lager with a smooth, malty flavor and a soft, dry finish. Subtle spicy, floral, or herbal hops and restrained bitterness help keep the balance malty but not sweet, which helps make this beer a refreshing, everyday drink.

Munich Helles should by Malty but not Sweet.

The goal is to follow the style guidance - focus on Continental Pilsner Malt, noble German Aroma  hops, e.g., Hallertau family, German-style lager yeasts, and clean and cold fermentation process. Without these key elements you will not get the Munich-like lager beer.

Do not use Caramel malt since it is not a part of this style. 

Related Style: ミュンヘン ヘレス

バッチサイズ: 19 L // 醸造方法: すべての穀物 // Recipe complex rating: Expert

Target Statistics
OG, P OG, sg FG, P FG, sg ABV, % ビター 色, SRM
12.0 1.048 2.8 1.011 5.0 14 イエロー(3-4)
Grain % in bulk Size, kg
ピルスナーモルト 91.0 4.38
ミュンヘンモルト 7.0 0.40
Biscuit 25L 2.0 0.11
ホップ α, % Size, g AAU Add Boil, min
German Aroma Hops 4.0 31 4 Start 60
エクストラ Size, g


酵母 Packs
German Lagers yeasts 2


From the Biscuit 25L group the best choice will be Melanoidin Malt

Single rest at 66 C for 60 min, add all hops from the beginning of the boil

Use sufficient amount of Lager yeast (rehydrated in advance or o proper starter)

Ferment at 10C

Cold age the beer at least for 4 weeks and allow it lagering well before bottling or drinking 

Carbonate from 2.0 to 2.5 volumes of CO2



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