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One of the oldest alcoholic drinks in human history. Even before the ancient Egyptians dropped fried bread into a puddle and fermented their first “beer” with wild yeast, the process of making mead was discovered much earlier. The fact is that there is nothing in natural honey, literally and figuratively, therefore, placing honey in water, after a couple of days, the natural process of fermentation on wild yeast began, since there is plenty of sugar in honey. Of course, wild yeast and a sugar base gave a powerful fuselage hangover headache, but our ancient ancestors, one must assume, were the least bothered. Now mead is still popular, although the recipe for cooking is significantly opops. So, now you can buy a directly cultivated yeast strain in beer stores with the proud inscription Mead, i.e. Mead. The main problem, of course, is where to find quality honey, and not colored invert sugar.


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