Malt Whisky (basic recipe)


Recipe Impression

Whisky with amber color and slightly smoky hints. The taste is rich and complex with a well-rounded flavor, malty and slightly peaty. The finish is long, recalling oak and smoke.

Related Style: Whiskey

Batch size: 19 L // Brew method: All Grain // Recipe complex rating: Beginner

Target Statistics
OG, P OG, sg FG, P FG, sg ABV, % IBU SRM
16.0 1.0654 0.0 1.0000 8.8 0 Gold (5-6)
Grain % in bulk Size, kg
Distilling Smoked Malts 100.0 7.00
Hops α, % Size, g AAU Add Boil, min


Extras Size, g


Yeasts Packs
Distillers yeast 1

Recipe description

Step 1: Mashing

Mash in at 55°C

Rest at 62°C for 90 minutes

Rest at 72°C for 15 minutes

Step 2: Filtration

Spare & separate the wort from the spent grain at 78°C

Step 3: Boiling (optional)

Duration: 10 min

Step 4: Cooling 23 - 24°C

Step 5: Fermentation 28 – 30°C

Step 6: Distillation

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April 18, 2024, 4:39 p.m.


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