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Serebrianka, or Silver as it is sometimes called, is a Russian aroma hop and parent to Cascade. 95% of Serebryanki were grown in Soviet Chuvashia. Serebrianka was also tested for commercial viability in the US for a staggering 20 years before being abandoned in 1991 due to a number of shortcomings, most notably incredibly low yields. At the same time, after the collapse of the USSR, the Chuvash hop empire also fell into decline, unable to compete with transnational beer giants. In the 80s, there were more than 14 thousand hectares of hop fields in Chuvashia, but today there are only 80 hectares. Given its origin and flavor profile, Serebrianka is thought to possibly be related to Saaz and is said to impart some interestingly unique aroma characteristics that include hints of black tea, herbs and even tobacco. It has high humulene and farnesene, which no doubt contributes to its pleasant and largely continental aroma and taste.

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