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Malts with high diastatic activity, used for high-alcohol Distilling products (Whiskey, Bourbon, Grain Vodka, etc). Distilling Base Malt not smoked Up to 100% in grain bill

Examples and substitutes:
Name Supplier Country Color, °L
Floor Malted Distiller's Malt Leopold Bros. United States 1.5
Bourbon Malt Canada Malting Canada 2.0
Distillers Malt Gladfield New Zealand 2.0
Distiller's Malt Root Shoot Malting United States 2.0
Château Distilling Castle Malting Belgium 2.0
Château Distilling Nature Castle Malting Belgium 2.0
Distiller's Malt MaltWerks United States 2.1
Distillers Malt Briess United States 2.4
Whisky Jack Red shed Canada 2.5
High Dp Distillers Malt Rahr United States 3.0
Floor Malted Whiskey Malt Leopold Bros. United States 5.0
Beer Recipes with Distilling Base Malts:
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