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Pale, well-drained barley malt for March and Festival beers, Vienna Lager. The same applies to the production of ales. Gives a beer golden in the light, with a pleasant, full taste, honey aftertaste. Share in grist up to 100%.

Examples and substitutes:
Name Supplier Country Color, °L
Barke Vienna Weyermann Germany 3.0
Vienna Niagara Malt United States 3.0
Vienna Malt (Two-Row) Carolina Malt House United States 3.0
Mild Muntons United Kingdom 3.0
Vienna Ireks Germany 3.0
Vienna Malt Joe White Australia 3.0
Patagonia Vienna Patagonia Chile 3.0
Château Vienna Castle Malting Belgium 3.0
Vienna Great Western United States 3.0
Vienna Riverbend Malt United States 3.0
Vienna Malt Gladfield New Zealand 3.0
Vienna Malt Crisp Malting United Kingdom 3.0
Vienna Malt Franco-Belges Belgium 3.1
Vienna Malt Weyermann Germany 3.3
Goldpils Vienna Malt Briess United States 3.5
Floor Malted Pale Ale Malt Leopold Bros. United States 4.0
Nor’East Vienna Stone Path Malt Germany 4.0
Vienna Avangard Germany 4.0
Vienna Malt Agrária Brazil 4.0
Vienna Malt Barrett Burston Australia 4.0
Greenswaen Vienna The Swaen Netherlands 4.0
Mild Thomas Fawcett United Kingdom 4.0
Best Vienna Bestmalz Germany 4.0
Vienna Proximity United States 4.0
Vienna Viking Finland 4.0
Vienna Malt Bairds United Kingdom 4.0
Vienna Simpsons United Kingdom 4.0
Rocky Mountain Malt Red shed Canada 4.0
Vienne Soufflet Russian Federation 4.0
Венский солод Приволжская мельница Russian Federation 4.0
Венский солод Курский солод Russian Federation 4.0
Serenade Troubador Malting United States 5.0
Maker’S Vienna 4.5 Maker's Malt Canada 5.0
Malt Vienna Les Maltiers France 5.0
Vienna Sugar Creek Malt United States 5.0
Swaen Vienna The Swaen Netherlands 5.0
Vienna BA Malt 5.0
Ashburne Mild Malt Briess United States 5.3
Vanora (Vienna-style) Malt Mecca Grade United States 5.9
Baronesse Vienna LINC Malt United States 6.0
Sweet Liberty Deer Creek United States 6.0
Vienna Barnowl Canada 6.0
Pacific Victor Admiral United States 6.0
Prox Mild Proximity United States 6.0
Vienna Schooner Voyager Craft Malt Australia 6.0
Malta Viena (Vienna Malt) Intermalta Spain 6.0
Genie Vienna Root Shoot Malting United States 7.0
Beer Recipes with Vienna malt:
Vienna Lager (Basic recipe)
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