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Pale Chocolate (200°L) - substitution

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Examples and substitutes:
Name Supplier Country Color, °L
Light Chocolate Malt Red shed Canada 111.0
Blackswaen Black The Swaen Netherlands 125.0
Extra Special Malt Briess United States 130.0
Smooth Chocolate Malt Crisp Malting United Kingdom 148.0
Blackswaen Coffee Light W The Swaen Netherlands 150.0
Chocolate Light Viking Finland 150.0
Kiln Coffee Franco-Belges Belgium 150.0
Coffee Malt None United Kingdom 150.0
Chocolate Malt Barrett Burston Australia 169.0
Château Cafe Castle Malting Belgium 177.0
Low Colour Chocolate Warminster Maltings United Kingdom 177.0
Crystal Extra Dark Simpsons United Kingdom 179.0
Caromatic 180 1886 Malt House United States 180.0
Brown Malt Simpsons United Kingdom 188.0
Pale Chocolate Malt Fawcett United Kingdom 188.1
Light Chocolate Reliable Lighthouse Light Pauls Malt United Kingdom 190.0
Roasted Barley Malt Crisp Malting United Kingdom 192.0
Coffee Malt Simpsons United Kingdom 200.0
Cafe Soufflet Russian Federation 200.0
Pale Chocolate Bairds United Kingdom 207.0
Pale Chocolate Crisp Malting United Kingdom 220.0
Chocolate Malt Red shed Canada 222.0
Blackswaen Coffee Malt The Swaen Netherlands 225.0
Caramel 600 (225L) Viking Finland 225.0
Pale Chocolate Malt Thomas Fawcett United Kingdom 230.0
Chocolate Malt Joe White Australia 244.0
Beer Recipes with Pale Chocolate (200°L):
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