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Munich 40L - substitution

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Examples and substitutes:
Name Supplier Country Color, °L
Specialty Roast Root Shoot Malting United States 35.0
Dark Munich Riverbend Malt United States 37.0
Aroma 100 MD Dingemans Belgium 38.0
Amber Malt Thomas Fawcett United Kingdom 38.0
Aromatic Malt Dingemans Belgium 38.1
Amber Red shed Canada 40.0
Brownfield 40 Munich Blacklands United States 40.0
Special Roast Malt Briess United States 40.0
First Crack (Melanoidin) Deer Creek United States 45.0
Kilned C60 Malteurop United States 45.0
Caramel Ambre Soufflet Russian Federation 45.0
Beer Recipes with Munich 40L:
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