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In 1644 a lone farmhouse at foot of the Hahneberg hill in the southern suburb had already been licensed to sell beer and wine. It was here, outside the farm in the fields, that about forty years later the ‘Schlösschen’ [mansion or large country house] was built, in a popular excursion destination.
In May 1838 the Meisl brothers bought the estate and began the construction of a lager brewery in the old Feldschlößchen [‘mansion in the fields’] and in 1858 they founded the ‘Aktienbrauerei zum Feldschlößchen’.

In 2006 the legendary Pichmännel figure was brought back to the brand logo and thus to all bottle labels. In earlier years the historic, popular character had already stood for "Original Dresden Brewing Art" and was the reason that Dresdeners fondly called their Feldschlößchen beer "Männelbier".
In 2013 Feldschlößchen organised the first "Pichmännel-Oktoberfest" in Dresden.


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