Weizenbock (Munich Basic recipe)



A strong and malty German wheat beer combining the best wheat and yeast flavors of a Weissbier with the rich maltiness, strength, and body of a Bock. The style range includes Bock and Doppelbock strength, with variations for pale and dark color.

Munich version is stronger, and contains Munich malt in bulk, almost in the same amount as Pilsner malt.

Стиль Пива: Weizenbock

Chargengröße 15 L // Brühmethode Alles Getreide // Сложность рецепта Продвинутый

Целевые характеристики
НП, Р НП, sg КП, Р КП, sg Алк Bittere Farbe, SRM
18.5 1.0763 4.8 1.0189 8.0 22 Tiefes Bernstein / helles Kupfer (10-14)
Зерновой % в насыпи Размер, кг
Пшеничный Солод 60,0 4,30
Pils Malz 14,0 1,00
Münchner Malz 14,6 1,05
Carapils 5L 11,0 0,80
Chocolate (350°L) 0,4 0,03
Hopfen α, % Размер, г AAU Add Кипячение, мин
Немецкий Ароматный Хмель 5,2 22 4 в начале 75
Немецкий Ароматный Хмель 5,2 11 2 в конце 10
Würzekochen Размер, г


Hefe Пачек
German Wheats yeasts 1


Water profile (if you familiar with the water chemistry):


For Chocolate malt best choice is De-Husked Caraf I, we need only 30 gramm as a color agent

Authentic German Hops are Hallertauer Mittelfrüh

Mash at 35 °С

20 min rest at 50 °С

60 min rest at 65 °С

10 min rest at 72 °С

Mash out at 76 °С

Carbonate it well after fermentation, as German wheat beer likes (3.3 - 4.5 volumes of CO2)

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