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Beispiele und Ersatz:
Name Supplier Country Color, °L
Unmalted Wheat Rahr United States 1,5
Flaked Wheat None 1,7
Flaked Wheat None 1,7
Brewers Red Wheat Flakes Briess United States 2,0
Brewers Torrified Wheat Briess United States 2,0
Flaked Wheat None 2,0
Torrified Wheat None 2,0
Unmalted Wheat None 2,0
Flaked White Wheat BSG United States 2,0
Flaked White Wheat Grain Millers United States 2,0
Harraways Flaked Wheat Gladfield New Zealand 2,0
Raw Wheat Gladfield New Zealand 2,0
Raw Wheat Joe White Australia 2,0
Raw Wheat Red shed Canada 2,0
Torrified Wheat Muntons United Kingdom 2,0
Raw Cashup Soft Wheat LINC Malt United States 2,0
Rolled Wheat (Blm) Gladfield New Zealand 2,0
Torrified Wheat Crisp Malting United Kingdom 2,0
White Wheat Raw Briess United States 2,0
Пшеница несоложеная Приволжская мельница Russian Federation 2,0
Red Russian Wheat LINC Malt United States 3,0
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